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Papyrus Paintings

Discovered over 5000 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians; the papyrus plant proved to be one of their most useful discoveries ever. Found on the banks in the famous River Nile Valley, the plant's stem was stripped and pressed to form one of the earliest and longest lasting forms of "Paper".

Perfume Bottles

Hand made and crafted, these beautiful glass and crystal pieces require the great deal of care and time given to them by Egyptian craftspeople. Made of pyrex glass, the bottles are individually hand-blown, carved and finished in 24 ct gold by professional artists.


Today, Egyptian craftspeople follow in the path of their Ancient ancestors, following every procedure, step by step, to give you the same works of art crafted by the Royal Pharaohs over 5000 years ago.

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We are a massive supplier of Ancient Egyptian gifts and crafts. Influenced by the astonishing hand-made precious artefacts of Ancient Egyptians over 5000 years ago;

We are proud to continue the spread of the Egyptian wonders. Our items are carefully imported from Egypt where they are hand made by specially skilled Egyptian Craftsmen.

We sell only high quality crafts such as: The world famous Papyrus, decorative perfume bottles, Natural stone & Marble figures of Gods, Genuine Leather and Seashell pearls.

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Ancient Egyptian Crafts